Breastfeeding: join the Boob-olution!

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Evolved mothers & milk

There’s a great New York Times article I just read about some University of California, Davis, researchers who are unraveling the components of breast milk. It seems there’s a lot in breast milk that we don’t know a ton about. For example, the 21 percent of the milk that the baby doesn’t even digest. No matter, that 21 percent is apparently extremely valuable. It coats the lining of the infant’s intestines and protects the babe from potentially harmful bacteria. One of the researchers called breast milk “an astonishing product of evolution.” Another researcher proposed that moms have even evolved to let certain elements flush through their systems just to bring certain enormous rewards to their babies. Model Gisele Bundchen has been slammed a bit for saying breast feeding should be mandatory. We even criticized her for coming off as so black and white about the issue. But, let’s face it, the breast is best when possible. – Victoria Clayton

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