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“It is likely that having read this book, many of the conditions that worry women before the birth are more easily understood and most of the anxiety is then removed. Not every pregnancy is perfect and things do happen, but Fearless Pregnancy helps women to understand what is happening and to get through the anxiety and fear.
I highly recommend this book.”

Yehudi Gordon, MD, London-based OB/GYN, author of “Birth and Beyond”

“I got this book as a gift for a pregnant friend, and really wish it had been around when I was pregnant with my son! Fearless Pregnancy provides great balance to all the other fear-based books on the market, which kept me anxious and worried for nine months about very unlikely risks. The authors offer a more positive and reassuring approach to discussing pregnancy issues, and the tone of the book is approachable, warm, and friendly (without being shallow and weight-obsessed, like the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy). This is a practical and encouraging read for any mom-to-be.”
Kristen G., mom

“I am in my first trimester and just finished reading your book Fearless Pregnancy, which I found most reassuring and helpful. It was the perfect first pregnancy book to read.”
Julie P., expectant mom

“I have long wished for a book like this!”

Louise A., certified nurse-midwife

“Fearless Pregnancy was very good, honest, and easy to follow! I will recommend it to my students/clients.”
Sydney L., birthing educator

“The book is well-organized and easy to read. Fearless Pregnancy will be most useful to women pregnant with their first babies, but even the most seasoned mother could probably find some useful new information in this book.”
Carolyn N., certified nurse-midwife

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