Origins By Annie Murphy Paul: More Excitement, Less Fear

I’m only a couple of weeks now from having son number 2, so I’m kicking up my feet a little more these days. One of my favorite things is to listen to podcasts (okay, and watch DVDs of Mad Men).

In the NY Times Book Review podcast, I lucked upon an interview with science writer ¬†and mom Annie Murphy Paul. She was discussing her new book Origins: How the nine months before birth shape the rest of our lives. When the discussion first started, I had some trepidation about where it might go. I remember¬†a Los Angeles Times health article a couple of years ago that painted a really bad, moms-walking-on-eggshells-because-of-new-possible-research picture (and, actually, egg shells is probably a bad example because I’m sure some preg mom wouldn’t do that for fear of salmonella).

Much to my relief, though, esteemed writer Annie Murphy Paul doesn’t paint any such picture. From the podcast interview, her views are pretty much in line with Fearless Pregnancy. Murphy Paul was pregnant with her second child while working on Origins. She said after exhaustive research and after interviewing top scientists in the groundbreaking field of fetal origins, she had less fear and more excitement for her pregnancy than ever before. I encourage you to listen in and even get her book. Oh, and what did Murphy Paul do differently in her second pregnancy after she attained so much knowledge? Here’s what she said:

1.She ate more fish (but didn’t overdo it with the high mercury content variety).

2. She exercised.

3. She ate a lot of chocolate (interestingly, a mom’s chocolate intake has been linked with happier newborn temperament)

4. She relaxed about it all! Murphy Paul said that instead of being filled with fear and anxiety about every little thing in pregnancy, she felt heartened by the researchers excitement. Furthermore, she embraced the new idea that a little maternal stress is actually good for babies. In fact, it supposedly makes them smarter because it accelerates the development of the nervous system. -- Victoria Clayton

Click here for a link to the Annie Murphy Paul interview.

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